Principals of Effective Web design

Websites can be developed by anyone and everywhere but with low chances of acceptance and approval most are low-rated by Google and never make it up to the bigger websites and vast range of audiences so there are some basic principles that could be followed to make a better working websites that may return you some handsome income and popularity in return.


Before you make something there’s always a reason and purpose behind that which gives you further directions to do other stuff then after you have set a purpose for what you are gonna develop a site. A web page design is all about what’s your motto behind making that site.


As the world is fast and quick these days so they need some sources to communicate abruptly and swiftly to the other party whether it is technical support or people interacting through your website e.g. Facebook, twitter etc.


The thing matters right next to the purpose is the font style used to portray a better impact on the mind of the viewers and it is a major element in the web design techniques.


Colors are life to human same as they are to the web design. The more colorful and attractive it will be more will be its serene effect on the minds of the the colors make a website look modern and untraditionally different from typical old websites.


As it is quoted that a picture speaks thousands of words same is the case with the web that images used in a web depict the main theme and purpose of the web and its stances that on which grounds it is made.


These are some of the quick action tools used for the web to approach some things with just a single designed click button. Navigations are a plus to web design as they make things look easier to the audience. Through such approaches, you can make your website look more attractive and friendly to use.

Grid Based Layouts

If the data is placed randomly on your website then it will create a bad impact on the minds of readers and will not look better to approach so grid based layouts are used to make the web look clearer and arranged well to its users

Load Time

To wait for something is the hardest task for people these days so the efficiency and quick loading play the key role in attracting more audience to your website as delayed loading of a website is too hard for people. If your website takes long to open or load then it will affect you so bad.


Mobile friendly

As we all know that PC’s are set as old school things to the people as they want everything to be accessible in their hands inside their cell phones so to make a site mobile-friendly that it displays most of the contents same as full website even in a mobile version is the challenging task for web developers these days.

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